Data center environment monitoring system of troops in Hebei province

2017-02-17 17:30:49 Sunwe Technology Read

Normally,equipment depot and ammunition depot of troops are built in caves.Thus environment is moist.In order to ensure temperature and humidity of troops reach the standard,most of depots need to install hygrothermograph.

Any of neglect of operator on duty will bring about indoor temperature higher too long but not enable fans timely,which leads to unnecessary lost of military equipments.Furthermore,there are defects of accuracy rate tolerance (MAX Tolerance is ±8% RH)and short service life for regular hygrothermograph.

Based on storage requirements of equipment and ammunition,our country’s climatic conditions,depot conditions of troops and current management lever,SUNWE provides full sets of depot environment monitoring system for troops,realizing monitoring on Temperature and humidity,fire control, video,power supply and dehumidifier, guaranteeing safety of depots and quality of military equipments.Thereby offering solid foundations for regular operation of military supplies guarantee.