Data center monitoring system for HUAFU SECURITIES

2017-03-01 14:10:11 Sunwe Technology Read

HUAFU SECURITIES's headquarter located in Fuzhou,fujian province,with 56 Stock Exchanges in Fujian,Shanghai and the rest of China,responsible for supporting regularly operation of HUAFU SECURITIES’s business offices.Business offices are still the main channels for security investment for citizens at this moment. Reinforce safety guarantee level of information system and security of transaction data are not only the need of maintainging financial security but also maintaining social stability.China Securities Regulatory Commission issued a document (CSRC issue [2008] File No.58) to inspect and supervise guarantee level of Business office information sytem,local supervision bureau issues document respectively to execute this regulations. Document detailed the requirements for data center environment monitoring systems of business office.

Sunwe offers full sets of all-in-one networking monitoring system for central apparatus room and data center of business offices. Monitoring items includes power distribution,UPS,Air-conditioner,Temp. And humidity and water leakage and so on,provided with terrific expandability. This project realizing goals of integrated planning and stage construction,fulfiling integrated environment monitoring for all business offices,ensuring the safety of transaction data,satisfying reqirements of safety guarantee demaned by CSRC.Thereby safeguarding reliability and stability of financial transactions.