Data center monitoring system for disaster recovery project of power grid in Shaanxi province

2017-02-22 14:38:36 Sunwe Technology Read

As one of three state power grid disaster recovery centers, Xi'an Information Disaster Recovery Center carrying important missions of data disaster recovery for northwest five provinces.Precondition of stable running is reliable basic environment.Therefore, real-time controling of environmental changes,detecting a potential crisis in advance and treating an accident in the bud ensuring stable running of data center effectively.Buildin g a set of basic environment monitoring system for data center is completely necessary and impendency.

Sunwe provides all-in-one networking monitoring system for Xi'an Information Disaster Recovery Center,collecting ,recording and monitoring data of indoor temp.,humidity,and air cleanliness,fresh air quality and indoor pressure continuously.Real time displaying and recording monitoring data in the form of data and graph.System comply with requirements of state power grid three disaster recovery centers.Requirements includes: event management,alert management, intranet management, statistic analysis of data, all kinds of reports automatically generated and scheduled printing and other functions. System supports online maintenance, that is, when the system is running, support real-time modification and maintenance. During system maintenance, the device can function normally, such as sampling, data storage and alarm.